National Trust Tin Coast

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Botallack Mine, Penzance Cornwall TR19 7QG

Key Figures

300 000 visits a year
1 500 tonnes of refined arsenic was produced at Botallack Mine
7 miles of coast

Tin Coast

The Tin Coast was a key centre for hard rock mining – the extraction of minerals from the ground particularly Tin, Copper and Arsenic. From the Bronze Age until 1990 this area shaped the world as we know it, from the technology needed to extract from deeper and deeper underground or undersea, to the raw materials themselves. Recognised as a World Heritage Site in 2006, much of the mining landscape is conserved and protected by the National Trust and Cornwall Council. The aim of the Tin Coast AR project is to bring back a sense of how the Tin Coast would have looked during the mining period. The area now feels partially reclaimed by nature and visitors remark at its natural beauty, peace and clean air. This is in stark contrast to its dirty, noisy industrial heyday. The AR experience will allow the working landscape to tell the stories of the area without the need for interpretation panels and other physical impact on the landscape.