Municipality of Fougères

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The municipality of Fougères will provide its expertise in the field of visitor reception, the economic operation of a historical site and its expertise in educational mediation, as well as the necessary scientific and historical content

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The municipality holds several quality labels: Town of Art and History since 1985; heritage promotion prize in 2011; petit futé 2016; 2 stars in the Michelin guide for the castle; member of the 100 Most Beautiful Detours in France; Tourism Trophy 2010 (Web surfers favourite category – Departmental Tourism Committee 35).

Fougères Castle is one of the largest and most important historical sites in Brittany. It welcomes about 90,000 visitors every year, including 10,000 school children. The castle has already conducted a first immersive visitor experience with the installation within its walls of a scenographic itinerary in 2009.
The municipality of Fougères, and, in particular, its team in charge of the castle’s operations, will participate in designing the scenographies, the framework scenarios for the creation of generic and specific content, and will work to implement and test immersive experiences which integrate Augmented Reality (AR).

It will also be involved in the implementation of innovative economic models.
The team will contribute to the design and implementation of proposals for visitors.
The team will also work with the partners in analysing the statistics for visitor itineraries and tourism.