Business model

 A good business model is essential for innovation

To reap the economic benefit of installing AR/VR solutions, and to encourage new and repeat visitors, we need to do more than just invest in new technology. VISTA AR combines cutting-edge technology with business model analysis, making technology meaningful to the way cultural heritage sites operate and create value.


Seeking synergies between economic and technological aspects

The craze for digital innovation is stronger than ever. Digital technology opens up space for businesses to imagine ways of doing things, of creating experiences, that are better than has been possible before. In doing so, the potential exists for new revenue streams that support sustainability and preservation of cultural heritage sites. However, to adjust to the new horizons and opportunities that digital technology creates, the technology needs to be woven into the fabric of the business model, aligning the technological aspects with the organisational and economic elements of how the site operates.


Adopting a global approach

At its heart, a business model describes how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value. When changing any one element of this, whether it be the target audience, the value you offer that audience, how that value is delivered or how you charge for it, then you have to consider the impact on all of those elements. VISTA AR provides frameworks and tools to analyse a business model and to address several important managerial questions when considering implementing AR/VR solutions: who are our existing visitors and which of them might be interested in new technologies? Who is the target audience for this new offering? What will this new experience bring them and what are audience expectations? How will we inform them of this offer? What changes will we need to make to our infrastructure? How will we charge for it?


Defining needs and constructing a strategy

VISTA AR supports sites in defining the drivers for change in their business model and devising a strategy to address them. Given that technological innovation modifies the visitor’s itinerary and the type of experience offered, it is important to think about the new business models associated with it, or to adapt existing models. Collaboration with the site as part of the development of this strategy will highlight stakeholder issues related to the introduction of AR/VR new tools and working to find a consensus.