Visitor Intelligence

Knowing your visitors is at the heart of innovation

For innovative VR/AR solutions to achieve their full impact, you need to have identified opportunities to improve the visitor experience. VISTA AR provides a platform and tools which make an automatic analysis of visitor experience possible.

Know your visitors better

Why install AR and VR solutions in cultural heritage sites if it’s not to create a greater experience for visitors?  But do we always know our visitor? Who they are, why they visit, what they expect? If we do not truly know their needs, wants and behaviours, how can we design for a better experience? VISTA AR performs an analysis of visitor motivations for visiting a site and geospatially tracks visitor journeys during their visit, offering accurate insights into the type of visitors and the experiences they are searching for. A detailed knowledge of why visitors choose to come assists managers at cultural heritage sites to identify target audiences and design experiences that meet their specific expectations.

Evaluating and analysing the visitor experience

VISTA AR produces regular reports based on automatic collection and comprehensive evaluation of the visitor experience. In addition to visitor profiling and geospatial tracking, visitor feedback is continuously collected through online reviews and a purposefully designed digital guest book that captures and transcribes audio feedback. Detailed, yet user-friendly, analysis of this feedback data is presented to sites through a visitor experience ‘dashboard’. This dashboard helps managers of cultural heritage sites to gain a greater understanding of how the visitor evaluates their experiences and can inform decisions at operational and strategic levels.

A tool for innovation at heritage sites

VISTA AR offers a complete solution for the evaluation of the visitor experience. Sites will be able to get regular insight into visitor profiles, behaviours and feedback, for their own site but also to make a comparison with other tourist sites, whether that be similar types of cultural heritage site (for example ‘medieval forts’), sites in their local area or more broadly across the cultural heritage industry.

This guarantees that tourist sites wishing to embark upon a transformation of their offer can do so on the basis of relevant information, helping them to respond to key questions such as: which aspects of the experience should I improve through technology? Aimed at what type of visitor? And based on what business model?