The project

VISTA AR (Visitor experience Innovation through Systematic Text Analytics & Augmented Reality) is an Interreg French(Channel)England funded project, linked to the 2014-2021 programme.

This is a 4-year project started in July 2017, originally scheduled to end in April 2021 but recently extended to December 2021 in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

In accordance with the ambitions of the program, it brings together partners from each side of Channel in the geographical area of F(C)E:

This project was validated by the selection Committee in February 2017, responding to one of the 5 Specific Objectives : Natural & Cultural Heritage  which aims to realise the potential of  common natural and cultural assets to deliver innovative and sustainable growth..

The allocated budget is €8,292,568.68with European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) co-funding of 69%. This includes an extension with budget awarded in November 2020 to allow the project to mitigate the risks of the pandemic.

The 8  VISTA-AR partners  are:

  • University of Exeter, Lead partner, budget of €2,144,799.72 (ERDF co-financing =€1,479,911.81) – United Kingdom
  • EESAB with a budget of €2,057,137.95 (ERDF co-funding = €1,419,425.19) – France
  • Regional Council of Brittany with a budget of €1,248,887.16 (ERDF co-funding = €861,732.14) – France
  • Bournemouth University with a budget of €739,662.17 (ERDF co-funding = €510,366.90) – United Kingdom
  • Le Centre des Etudes Supérieures Industrielles (CESI) with a budget of €711,185.75 (ERDF co-funding = €490,718.17) – France
  • The City of Fougères with a budget of € 530,000 (ERDF co-funding = € 365,700) – France
  • NEOMA Business School with a budget of 560,053.91 (ERDF co-funding = €386,437.20) – France
  • Exeter Cathedral with a budget of 300,842.01 (ERDF co-funding = €207,580.98) -United Kingdom

The project is organised around 8 Work Package (WPs) for which module managers have been identified:

  • WP M – Project Management coordinated by the Lead Partner, the University of Exeter,
  • WP C – Communication coordinated by the University of Exeter,
  • WP T1 – Cloud System coordinated by EESAB and CESI,
  • WP T2 – Digital Devices of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: coordinated by EESAB,
  • WP T3 – Digital Content coordinated by the Regional Council of Brittany and Bournemouth University,
  • WP T4 – Business model and Visitor Intelligence coordinated by NEOMA Business School and the University of Exeter,
  • WP T5 – Experimentation coordinated by the City of Fougères and Exeter Cathedral,
  • WP T6 – Deployment coordinated by the Regional Council of Brittany and  the University of Exeter.