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A book about history and medieval architecture made in stone: the Château de Fougères tells the story of its 1000 years!

In the deep valley if the Nançon river, on a rocky promontory, the mediaeval fortress of Fougères has stood for nearly a thousand years. Its formidable tours have for many years watched over the doors of the Duché de Bretagne, at the heart of the border region of the Marches. Over the course of battles and successive Lords, the stronghold was continually improved: different building projects made it into a real war vessel, prepared for sieges and built according to the best techniques of each age.

Key Figures

106 000 The number of visitors in 2017
12 The number of towers in the château
1000 The age of the château

The construction of the château was the fruit of many generations‘ and many centuries’ work. Today it is a model of architecture which allows us to understand the great evolutionary techniques of the medieval world. Furthermore, it was at the heart of great moments in history, nationally and locally. Virtual recreation is an excellent way to rediscover the chateau as it would have been long ago, in order to better understand history and its story.

A vision of the chateau across different ages means being able to see the great periods of construction and the great technological evolutions. The tools will give views of the different elements of the chateau (the 3 courtyards, the house) at particular moments in history (12th, 13th, 14th and 15th centuries). In this way, by regaining the original appearance of these spaces, the visitor will be able to better understand their functions.


“I am certain that a more beautiful exterior does not exist” Lawrence of Arabia, letter of 26th August 1907