A first prototype of the VISTA AR augmented reality app for the Botallack mine (National Trust heritage site)

The first prototype of the augmented reality app of the mining landscape on the Tin Coast in Cornwall is now being deployed at Botallack mine. Uploaded onto tablets, the app is triggered by ‘scanning’ the stone model of the modern landscape, which can be found at the site. This stone model was created by a 3D machining of a block based on a high definition 3D model of resulting from the digitisation of the site. Via the app, the landscape as it would have looked at the height of the mining period is revealed to the visitor. This voyage through time is accompanied by a voiceover that describes to the user what they are seeing as they move the tablet along the model of the landscape. The picture below shows the app in use.

The VISTA team will continue to work with the National Trust on this first prototype, notably by gathering initial visitor feedback, key information for enhancing the visitor experience. The final version of the app is due to be launched in June 2020.In the meantime, work is also continuing on the app for the immersive virtual reality visit of the underground mines. The visitor will be invited to follow a young boy descending the mine to work for the first time.

The work of the VISTA project on the Botallack mine featured as a case study in the recently published Heritage Alliance report on the role of heritage places and stories in inspiring the creative industries. This report can be read on their website by Following this link.