Animate Minstrels’ Gallery of Exeter Cathedral

The Bournemouth University research team has given life to the fascinating art treasure of Exeter Cathedral’s Minstrels’ Gallery. The team has completed initial concept modelling and developed scenes for the Gallery. The computer models and their animation are designed to offer visitors a new experience with an Augmented Reality (AR) solution, where music and motion can be integrated when stone sculptures come to life. Each character has a set of associated animation when playing the instrument (Citole, Bagpipe, Recorder, Fiddle, Harp, Trumpet, Portative or hand-organ, Gittern, Shawm, Timbrel and Cymbals). The work includes 3D modelling, attaching material/texture, rigging and animation.

This work is part of the output of the VISTA AR project of development of digital content for AR experiences. It involves collaboration between Bournemouth University, University of Exeter, Exeter Cathedral and French partners.

The digital content development for Exeter Cathedral such as music and sound for animation is currently under development.