Sometimes the closure of a site has a positive side. In this case, despite the silence and apparent immutability of the great building, the Cathedral and VISTA teams are bustling behind the scenes. The extra time allowed us to develop a bilingual (English and French) version of the tablet-based audio-visual tour. The voice-over recordings are currently being integrated into the device. Several voices punctuate this tour, including that of the Dean of the Cathedral, who was delighted to take part in the experience.

This immersive tour presents the main artefacts of the building, including those hidden or difficult to access.

Like a traditional audio tour, the visitor will be invited to follow the order indicated on the map. The difference is the insertion of digital animations during the tour, such as the representation of the Minstrels’ Gallery, as we can see in this excerpt from the video made by Bournemouth University:

Points of interest will be placed on the visual representation of artefacts and animations, opening  an audio file with one click providing clarification on details sometimes invisible to the human eye.

For those thirsty to learn more, the guide includes a ‘Discover more’ section giving a more extensive historical description.

However, the choice remains in the hands of the visitor, who may also prefer to be carried along by the story told by the fictional voice of a 15th century female pilgrim.