First tests on the VISTA devices with the public at the Cathedral

VISTA staff have been very busy this summer and with the tourist season upon us, Exeter Cathedral was able to test the final VISTA prototypes recently installed on 8, 9, 10 and 11 August. Cathedral staff (permanent and volunteers) and the University of Exeter team welcomed a number of visitors, 114 participants, who chose to try the audio tour, the VRs of the choir and north tower, the AR of the minstrels’ gallery and the colour reconstruction of the West Front. See the results in figures HERE

Here again, everything has been put in place to make the public feel safe:

  • signage with reminders of the safety standards specific to shared facilities


  • and guidance to lead visitors step by step through the interactive and immersive experiences.


VR of the choir in the Quire stalls


VR of the North Tower – Walk of Faith

The curiosity and enthusiasm of the users gave rhythm to the beginning of the month and allowed us to collect data through the pre and post visit questionnaires but also via the various interactions between the visitors and their guides.

Poster on a desk with QR code of the post-visit questionnaire
to help us improve the quality of the visitor experience.




The VISTA teams have already started to redesign the audio-visual guide.

Example of what the future tour could look like: 

A big thank you to all the participants and people who helped in the preparation and running of these tests.

The results of our research and studies will be available to everyone on our website under News and Examples of Good Practice.