Our partner at Bournemouth University has been working for 4 years on the creation of animations and sets for the various VISTA AR/RV devices, and the animation team collaborate closely with their colleagues in Redballoon Productions who are the professional production department of the Faculty of Media and Communication at Bournemouth University[1] . In addition to their work on sound design and image effects for the immersive experiences, and editing/sound design for the  animation sequences, they recently created the production of the Cathedral’s promotional video, to which we dedicated an article.

Stephanie Farmer says:

“We have really enjoyed working with Jian’s team of highly talented animators over the last few years, and helping bring to life the story of Fougères Castle in particular, but also on the many other and varied projects that make-up the Vista AR.”

Having already won awards two years running, in 2016 and 2017[2], the agency will again this year participate in the RTS (Royal Television Society) Southern Professional Award. On this occasion, as part of a joint portfolio of BU/RedBalloon animation work, they will include the animation Fougères “The Last Battle”, created by the BU team for the immersive room at Fougères Castle, as part of their portfolio entry.

Sounding The Alarm – scene from Fougères The last Battle

The RTS or Royal Television Society is the main forum for discussion and debate on all aspects of the television/screen media in the South. The RTS Awards are presented annually to media professionals in the South Central region of England for programming achievements during the past year and are combined with the RTS Student Awards for universities across the region.

The ceremony will be broadcast online at the end of April.



RTS https://rts.org.uk