The different stages of 3D construction

Our team at EESAB in Brittany has been working hard on the 3D reconstruction of the Botallack mine, to be used in the forthcoming VR immersive experience at the National Trust site in Cornwall. Team members visited neighbouring mines in October last year to scan the shaft and tunnels. The accompanying photos show how they then used the thousands of images captured to build up the 3D reconstruction.
The first picture shows the 3D mesh created;

the second shows the colour wire;

the third features the application of solid colour

and the fourth presents the final version including textures.

This final picture is what visitors will see as they put on the headset and virtually descend down the mines. The visual experience will be enhanced by a soundscape featuring the noises of the mining environment, the sounds of the miners’ tools and their voices as they work. A voiceover will tell the story of a young boy going down into the mine for the first time, to work alongside his father, pointing out the sounds, smells and feelings he is experiencing along the way. The experience will be available for visitors to the Botallack site to access from the autumn.