The Valloire Gardens are dipping into digital!

They recently celebrated their 30th anniversary and are setting their sights on digital technology: the Valloire Gardens are one of the deployment sites of VISTA AR, a European research project that aims to introduce virtual reality and augmented reality to tourist sites.

In July, representatives of NEOMA Business School, the Regional Council of Brittany (Clotilde Durot, Head of Knowledge and Digital Projects) and the European School of Art of Brittany (Erwan Mahe, Professor of Design and Digital) went to the Valloire Gardens (Picardie), where they met Sophie Nothum (Operations Manager at the Valloire Gardens) to talk digitisation! A first visit to the site for Elsa Gatelier and Jean-Baptiste Suquet (Economist and Professor of Organisation, NEOMA BS) to begin understanding the challenges of digitisation for the Gardens, which are particularly interested in asking questions of their target audiences. Thus begins the joint reflection on business model innovation!