The Walk of Faith at Exeter Cathedral

Imagine being able to go to the top of the roof of Exeter Cathedral and daring yourself to walk along a plank to the edge and then step off into the unknown. This is exactly what the new Virtual Reality experience at the Cathedral will allow you to do. The intrepid visitor will be able to don a VR headset – whilst remaining firmly on terra firma – and experience ‘the plank’. Will you dare to walk off the edge?

At a recent event for Heritage sites at the cathedral, visitors were able to try out the experience for the first time. It is a test of faith, as well as the opportunity to try out this relatively new technology that makes the Cathedral rooftops accessible to all. The cathedral already runs rooftop tours, available to those who can climb the 170 steps to the top. The view from the roof over the city is incredible and allows visitors to see the city of Exeter from a totally new angle.

If you think you are brave enough, why not give the Cathedral a call on 01392 285983.

To book a rooftop tour, please follow this link: