Vista Ar webinar on Visitor Intelligence

The VISTA AR project is proud to present a free webinar for cultural heritage sites and other interested parties. We will be presenting the visitor intelligence tools that we are developing as part of the project and giving a live demo of the dashboard, the text analysis of visitor feedback and the tracking of visitors around sites. This will be followed by a chance to discuss the tools and how they could work for your sites in smaller groups facilitated by members of the project team.

Tuesday 26th January

13:30 – 15:30 GMT


Meeting ID: 932 6883 1559
Password: 206343


The VISTA AR project is financed by Interreg France (Channel) England through ERDF funding. The project aims to create new visitor experiences by adopting advanced digital technologies at partner cultural and heritage sites. These sites face significant economic challenges in today’s climate, even more so in the age of COVID-19. The purpose of VISTA AR is to look at ways to increase the tourism revenue of these sites, via a greater understanding of visitors and visitor experience. Cultural and heritage sites wishing to innovate their offer to the public can take advantage of two solutions: Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality applications and tools for analysing Visitor Experience. These tools are either prohibitively expensive or are still under development.

This project is a research partnership of eight organisations on both sides of the Channel, working on developing these tools in collaboration with Exeter Cathedral (England) and the Château of Fougères (France) to make them available to multiple heritage sites via a cloud-based system. By the end of the project, a database of cultural heritage stakeholders will have been created to ensure the transferability of an innovative system and optimise the economic benefits.
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The VISTA AR solution allows cultural heritage sites to have access to visitor intelligence that will help improve their overall visitor experience. This information is gathered from geolocation data collected via a visitor app and from analysis of visitor reviews. When combined, this data gives a powerful overview of what the visitor is experiencing and their feelings about the experience. The information can be downloaded by site managers in the form of a report which can be used to inform stakeholders and form the basis of decision making when it comes to evaluating the experiences the site has to offer.



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Text Analytics

The Text Analytics (TA) Tool is capable of analysing multi-lingual (English and French) textual visitor feedback. Visitor feedback for every site is continuously collected through online reviews and a purposefully designed ‘Review Capture Form’. The TA tool performs an in-depth aspect-level analysis of visitor reviews for aspects such as ‘staff’, ‘price’, ‘interpretation tools’ and so on to gain detailed insight into the sentiments expressed by each visitor for each of these aspects pertaining to the site. Detailed yet user-friendly insights are presented to sites through the visitor experience ‘dashboard’. This dashboard helps managers of cultural heritage sites to gain a greater understanding of how the visitor evaluates their experiences and can inform decisions at operational and strategic levels.


Digital Profiling Tool

The DPT will enable site managers to follow the position and movements of visitors around the site. This will enable a better understanding of the preferences of different target groups and give the opportunity to evaluate the visitor experience and optimise the flow of visitors. The tool follows the movement of visitors for the whole of the time spent at the site and records the amount of time spent at different pre-determined points of interest. Visualisations of the visitor journeys, coupled with text analysis and other visitor demographic data, will give important information about visitor behaviour. The visitor intelligence app will assign a unique ID to each visitor, which allows movements to be tracked anonymously. Each visitor journey will then be uploaded to the VI Cloud on a regular basis. The app will also collect essential data on each visitor via a questionnaire.


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