WP T2 – Digital Devices of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

T2. Output 1 Immersive solutions

T2.1 Activity Specifications of 4 digital devices of AR

T2.1.1 Deliverable Specifications in the form of a paper report

T2.2 Activity Models of 4 digital devices of AR

T2.2.1 Deliverable Functional models of 4 digital devices of AR

T2.3 Activity First prototypes of the 4 digital devices of AR

T2.3.1 Deliverable First prototypes of 2 devices

T2.3.2 Deliverable First prototypes of 4 devices

T2.4 Activity Final prototypes of the 4 AR digital devices

T2.4.1 Deliverable Final prototypes of 4 devices

T2.5 Activity Health and Safety

T2.5.1 Deliverable Operational safety of onsite devices

T2.6 Activity Specifications of online solutions

T2.6.1 Deliverable Specification report for online experiences

T2.6.2 Deliverable Development of online experiences