Creating Cut-through content for your organisation

Heritage Digital organised a web conference on October 27 by entitled “Creating Cut through Content” or how to use all the content you have on the Internet to help grow your organisation and build your digital strategy.

During the webinar, social media trainer Andrew Davis, with 19 years of digital experience, shared many helpful tips for creating or reusing, disseminating and converting digital content, and exploring and evaluating public behaviour towards that content.

The main questions: What is digital content? What are the multiple objectives of the content? How do I get this content?

One of the most communication-rich tools we all use without realising it is the Internet. Over the past two decades, there have been major changes in consumer behaviour as well as technological developments. Thanks to the Internet, information is accessible to all and quickly; the downside is that people are less patient and demand to have the essentials and fast. In response to this need for snapshots, electronic devices, especially mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, etc.) learn to respond almost “on their own”, automatically (Artificial Intelligence or machine learning). The webinar explains how to use these tools to achieve your goals.
When you start building your General Digital Strategy, there are 4 key things to remember: define your OBJECTIVES (why create content?)’CREATE (What content can you create?), DISTRIBUTE/PROMOTE (How can you target this content to the right people?) and CONVERT (What can you make them do?).

If you are interested in this topic and would like to gain some ideas to help you, the webinar is available on YouTube:



Here are some free platforms or tools that may be useful to guide you through these steps:

  • Create

Free content tools:
To get ideas Google Trends: reviews all of Google’s analytics data
Answer The Public: groups and categorises regular keyword questions, so you can create content in response to these specific questions
To create content:
Canva (creating professional designs) & Lumen 5 (creator of social media videos)

  • Distribute

Keyword tools to search for
Keyword Surfer
They’ll both tell you how many people have been looking for that keyword
Le Sharing
BuzzSumo: This site will tell you how many people are looking for heritage brands or heritage funds based on “shares”: how many people have shared

  • Convert

Tools for Competitive Analysis
SocialBlade : stracks YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Twitter statistics to better understand user growth and trends
SEMrush an easy-to-use keyword search tool that provides all the keywords you need to build your SEO or PPC campaign


*Introducing the webinar organiser:  HERITAGE  DIGITAL is a program funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund as part of the Digital Skills for Heritage initiative. To learn more about their news, conferences, webinars or workshops, subscribe to their newsletter via this link:  Registration