The VISTA team is back at the cathedral to ask visitors their opinion on their visit

The University of Exeter’s research team conducted tests with visitors to the Cathedral last month, to find out their impressions of immersive experiences on their own and as part of their overall journey. We returned on Thursday 23 September to ask visitors about their experience of the Cathedral, this time without the immersive technology on offer.
The results of these surveys will allow us to compare opinions, and assess the impact that the augmented or virtual reality attractions have on people’s experiences.
The site will also be able to see where improvements can be made to the visitor experience through the comments and ratings left by its visitors, thanks to the Text Analytics tool, as well determining the most suitable experience for the different segments of visitors to the Cathedral by cross-referencing with demographic criteria.

The analysis of this data will be the subject of reports which will be made available on the VISTA website, along with all the progress of our research, in the “Examples of good practice” section.